05 Jan 2019

Top Corporate Companies In Hosur


All of the Corporate Companies in Hosur are highly professionalized in terms of their client-oriented services. Hosur is a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located about 35 kilometers (22 mi) from Bangalore, 48 kilometers (30 mi) from Krishnagiri, 82 kilometers from Dharmapuri, 174 km West of Vellore and 306 kilometers (190 mi) west of Chennai, the state capital. With so many exciting companies in near you, it can be daunting to find the right fit for you.

A list of businesses headquartered in this city itself. Many well-known manufacturers & companies have been included. While this list isn't definitive, these are most of the top business & Company's. As a country, India has encouraged entrepreneurship throughout much of its history. Companies is no exception to this rule, and new businesses are started in Company's daily, ranging from corporations to LLCs to partnerships to sole proprietorships. This list, however, is mostly focused on the largest manufacturers & corporate businesses.


Scenario Of Hosur Based Corporate Companies

Major businesses that have been found as made this popular industrial-based city, all thanks to a vibrant stock market and higher earnings from the starting of corporate companies in Hosur. This is with all courtesy to the improvement in the India company situation. A monthly roundup of the best startup & tech companies that were into these businesses were hiring right now.

Businesses are growing more dependent on banks to raise offshore funds going into 2019 as the bond markets sputter and local-currency funding from domestic banks dries. The number of top corporate companies in Hosur has outshone their performances in terms of net profit in just six months of the start of the fiscal year. This depicts a fast growth in corporate earnings. Amongst all the developments in Corporation, the major one has been in the IT sector. IT company in the business scenario has witnessed a fast growth pace and it has in its basket a lot of job opportunities. That is why the IT sector has been considered a prime career option. As a matter of fact, this sector happens to be the fastest growing sectors in the Corporation Business premise.


Types Of Corporate Companies In Hosur

  1. Private Limited Company
  2. Public Limited Company
  3. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  4. Joint Venture Company
  5. Subsidiary Company


Private Limited Company

  • A private company in hosur is a company which has the following characteristics:
  • Shareholders right to transfer shares is restricted.
  • The number of shareholders is limited to 200; and
  • An invitation to the public to subscribe to any shares or debentures is prohibited.
  • A Private Limited Company is the most popular form of business entity used for Investors in corporation. There are various requirements for forming a private limited company in the corporation. There are various steps required to establish a business in Hosur, before and after incorporation, as mentioned hereinafter.


Public Limited Company

  • A public company is defined as a company which is not a private corporation. The following conditions apply only to a public business:
  • A public company is not authorized to start a business upon the grant of the certificate of incorporation. In order to be eligible to commence business as a corporation, it must obtain another document called trading certificate.
  • It must publish a prospectus or file a statement in lieu of a prospectus before it can start transacting business.
  • A public company is required to have at least three directors.
  • It must hold statutory meetings and obtain government approval for the appointment of the management.
  • There are several other provisions contained in the Corporate Companies Act 1956 which are applicable only to public companies and should be consulted.


Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

A law to allow Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in India has been enacted by the Parliament of India recently. (Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act of 2008).

LLP is an alternative corporate business entity that provides the benefits of limited liability of a company but allows its members the flexibility of organizing their internal management on the basis of a mutually-arrived agreement, as is the case in a partnership firm.

This format would be quite useful for small and medium enterprises in general and for the enterprises in services sector in particular, including professionals and knowledge based enterprises.

As proposed in the Bill, LLP shall be a body corporate and a legal entity separate from its partners. It will have perpetual succession. While the LLP will be a separate legal entity, liable to the full extent of its assets, the liability of the partners would be limited to their agreed contribution in the LLP.


Joint Venture Company

Joint Venture corporate companies are the most preferred form of corporate entities for Doing Business in Hosur. There are no separate laws for joint ventures in India. The corporate companies incorporated in Hosur, even with up to 100% foreign equity, are treated the same as domestic companies. A Joint Venture may be any of the business entities available corporate companies in Hosur.


Setting Up A Subsidiary Company In Hosur?

There are certain basic requirements for the incorporation of a subsidiary which are as following:

Stakeholders And Directors:

The first and foremost condition for setting up a subsidiary in India is that it needs to have at least two shareholders and two directors. Also, it is mandatory that at least one of the two directors is an Indian resident.

Digital signature certificates:

The directors must provide digital signature certificates (DSC). According to the IT Act, 2000, there are provisions to ensure that the documents are secure and authentic by using digital signatures on them and submitting them electronically.

Director’s identification number (DIN:

All the appointed directors are required to have a director’s identification number (DIN). The objective of DIN is to protect the interest of the stakeholders by maintaining the database of directors and keeping them traceable. The directors must inform the central government if there is any change in their address or other crucial details. Thus, the database of the directors stays fresh and up-to-date.

Registered office

The subsidiary company must have a registered office in India so that the parent business has an official physical address and any verification and communication activity by the ministry of corporate affairs MCA can be performed easily.

Once all the steps above are completed, only a few other formalities remain such as name approval application, documentation, declaration etc. and a taxation process to follow. The entire process generally takes three to six months.


Setting Up A Tech Company In Hosur – Practical Overview

Business is a market well known but not well understood. In recent years, however, a growing market has made hosur the state to expand to in the region. While the opportunities for tech corporate companies in Hosur are massive and many challenges are typically underserved, setting up and establishing a company has been challenging till now.

Before Starting a Tech based corporate companies in Hosur, We have to choose the right type of company as a service or product based so let’s understand about How many types of tech corporate companies in Hosur exist.


Hosur Corporate Company List 2018-2019

  1. Ashok Leyland Limited: Factory unit I175, Sipcot industrial complex, Rajaji Nagar, Hosur - 635126.
  2. TVS Motor Manufacturers: TVS motor, post box no. 4 Harita - 635109.
  3. Dynaspede Integrated systems 136-A, Sipcot Industrial Complex - 635126
  4. Renowned Auto parts Manufacturers 122, Sipcot industrial complex.
  5. Gabriel India Ltd / Gabriel Shock absorbers: 52,55, Sipcot indl.complex, phase ll, Krishnagiri bye pass road, Hosur.
  6. Haritha seating system Ltd.: Thally road, belagonda Palli - 635114, Tamil Nadu


  1. Bimetal Bearings Limited: Krishnagiri road, Perandapalli - 635125
  2. Carborundum Universal Limited #47, Sipcot industrial complex, Hosur - 635126
  3. Titan watches and Jewellery: Titan industries limited3, sipcot industrial complex - 635126.
  4. LUK India : Royakottah road - 635 109
  5. Endeka Ceramics India Pvt Ltd Plot Nos 74 and 7 SIPCOT - Phase II . Electronics Complex ,Kumudepalli Post, Tamil Nadu - 635109
  6. Aro Granite Industries Ltd Koneripalli Post, Shoolagiri (Via), Tamil Nadu - 635117


Meet The Fastest-Growing Private Businesses

Faced with sky-high rents and long commutes for employees, some corporate companies are leaving the region. But despite the exodus, new corporation businesses are moving in and growing here. Hosur's economy continues to expand, attracting billions in venture capital money flowing into private corporate companies in the city.

To qualify for the list, corporate companies must meet the following criteria: 1) headquartered in Hosur, which is defined as the city in Tamil Nadu 2) an independent, privately held corporation, proprietorship or partnership (not a subsidiary or division) through fiscal year 2018 3) net revenue greater than Rs.2,00,000 in fiscal year 2017. Income Tax was provided financial documentation by each of the corporate companies in order to verify revenue figures.


Advantages Of Corporation Companies In Hosur

Many tax exemptions available to the company set up in Special Economic Zone;

Many tax exemptions available to the firm set up in Special Economic Zone;

Many tax incentives available to Corporate companies in Hosur; Skilled and intelligent employees available at the nominal rate; With its large base of English speaking skilled human resource, it is most sought after destination for business process outsourcing, Knowledge processing etc.

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