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Website design and development company in Tiruppur

  • Friendzion Technologies is well known for web designing and development. Our designing is so specific and parred excellence across the global. When it comes to customers, we have both international and Indian customers.
  • We have worked various projects and created the best designs/developed for our clients, that are specific to the individual business. When it comes to branding perspective, our team has analyzed and worked extra-ordinarily well in sorting the worries of the clients. Friendzion feels privileged to say that we have proven results in fulfilling the requirements/demands of our clients.


We use WordPress for creating blogs and for website design and development. It uses PHP as a coding language and open-source software. Word press help to more attractive and unique presentable website helps in managing the blogs and webpage efficiently.

Angular Js

It’s the latest open-source web framework and widely used for single-page applications. Angular is similar to JavaScript. It has features like MVC (Model-> view ->Controller), less coding and data model binding.



The widely-used programming language PHP was originally designed for web developments. PHP is used for server-side web development. Dynamic web pages, content, and images are largely created using PHP.


  • We use for Python for dynamic typing since it is an object-oriented, structured programming language and consumes less memory and highly extensible and compact.
  • Django is a web application framework with-in Python. This framework makes our web development easier.


NODE js & REACT js

  • Node.js is javascript and used to execute run-time in server-side, these script uses React.js library to create a user interface and dynamic web page and real-time web application.
  • React is a library in JavaScript used for building user is largely used in developing single-page web pages and mobile applications.

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WE ARE FRIENDZION A Classic Software Company

We are Progressing in business with the right blend of experience and intelligence among the various IT companies:

  • we aim is to acquire a complete understanding of one’s workflow, objectives, and requirements and provide the apt and best solution.
  • We have a very friendly infrastructure, with a techie brain team that is skilled with the latest technologies available in the industry.
  • This helps us to deliver excellence to the demanding industry within the committed short time accurately.
  • We are now 20 young and passion-driven techies. Our aspiration towards the latest technologies, innovative ideas, and automation in various technology industries has given Zeal to our career paths.