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  • ERP (Enterprises Resources Planning) is the cakewalk for us; we have done various successful ERP projects, across cities. Our projects vary from customer to customer. As we, all know ERP is an ocean. Not everything applies for all., we customize and develop software according to the client's need. We make sure the customer finds it easy while working with the software and get the work completed fast and accurate. We have developed software for finance. Attendance, HRA, and payroll, inventory and supply chain management, and complete manufacturing. Our software helps customers can collect, store, manage, report and analyze the data very efficiently. Upon analyzing, customers can plan and work out their business effectively.
  • We have solutions for all, from a start-up to a large scale Industry.

Purchase Software

This software package helps a customer to have a check on all the purchase orders. Once a client has a check on the purchase then it is very easy for the client to plan production and stock maintenance. Our applications help the customer to have complete control over the purchase and stock.

Financial software

This software package helps a customer to collects financial records in a single format. All the transactions are managed by financial software. We make sure all account-related transactions like balance sheet, account ledgers, statement. Our customers are at ease after this application deployed in their environment since it has helped them to track all the financial data in a single portal.


Inventory Management Module

This software package records and maintains complete stock availability. This module keeps tracks and traces stock’s current location on the premises. This module is one of the key aspects of ERP, which collects all the financial data of any business.

Supply chain management and manufacturing

ERP’s core module/package is supply chain management and manufacturing management. The complete business is in control with these modules, it starts from raw material purchase to the final product release and its complete procedure of manufacturing. This application can include HRA, attendance, and payroll system if our customer requires.


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  • we aim is to acquire a complete understanding of one’s workflow, objectives, and requirements and provide the apt and best solution.
  • We have a very friendly infrastructure, with a techie brain team that is skilled with the latest technologies available in the industry.
  • This helps us to deliver excellence to the demanding industry within the committed short time accurately.
  • We are now 20 young and passion-driven techies. Our aspiration towards the latest technologies, innovative ideas, and automation in various technology industries has given Zeal to our career paths.