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Friendzion Technologies is here to transform your business goals irrespective of the industry, OS, or complexity of the solutions. Friendzion Technologies has a unique way of developing unique and customized mobile applications. Our motto is to develop apps according to our client's needs. With state-of-the-art mobile applications, we've helped different companies to achieve their goals. Our team of enthusiastic experts develops the app according to the requirements of our customers. We have mastered building android and iOS apps. Apart from this, we have worked in building hybrid mobile apps using React Native, PWA, flutters, ionic. Friendzion is one of the leading mobile app development industries in India.

  • Android

    Android was developed by Google as a mobile operating system for smartphones. Android is an open-source software. We are using the latest version of android technologies in our mob app development.
  • IOS

    iOS mobile operating system was developed by Apple extensively for its product or hardware. Our mobile apps are built or developed in such a manner that it uses current technology available in the market and widely supported by iOS and its hardware
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps

    Hybrid apps use a web view control to present the HTML and JavaScript files in a full-screen format, using the native browser rendering engine. It consists of both Native mobile apps as well as web solutions. Simply, these applications can be accessed as an application on smart devices as well as on a Laptop. Friendzion team has the acquired knowledge of both technologies. This has helped us to achieve the best output when it comes to hybrid mobile apps.
  • React Native and iconic

    React Native is based on JavaScript that allows developing mobile apps for both IOS and Android OS. It mainly focuses on the speed of the app.Whereas, ionic is an HTML5 mobile app development framework. It’s a cross-platform framework. It's scalable and mainly focuses on “write once and run everywhere”.

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