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Friendzion technologies are the best place for getting ERP software solutions in Hosur and billing software for small business which are available both on online and offline. Our ERP supports both discrete and process manufacturing. This application has to make to order, make to stock, engineer to order functionalities.

  • Mobile Functionality
  • Financial Management
  • HRM
  • Manufacturing
  • POM
  • CRM
  • Inventory & MMM
  • Maintenance & Support

ERP software can be actualized in different commercial ventures like distribution or trading, manufacturing, services industries, government associations, retail chains and so on.

We provide services to various segments of the industry to improve the effectiveness of operation through analysis and redesigning the workflow in each of the functional areas of the organization to bring out the potential within the organization.We are the best erp software companies in Hosur and Bangalore and Our functional area covers manufacturing companies, educational institutions, real estate, healthcare sectors like hospitals and pharmacy, local retail shops, billing software with or without goods and service Tax (GST), inventory management software and more.

It reduces the burden of managing the Accounts of the Company. It also helps in reducing the manual and repeating work in your company. Information Entered by using the ERP software is accurate and easy to update and handle.

Features Of

ERP Softwares


Mobile Functionality:
An ERP with Mobile functionality lets a user access the ERP software from a mobile or tablet easily.

Financial Management:
Managing finances and creating reports using an ERP is a time-consuming task. This feature helps you manage accounts, finances and analysis reports for different companies as well as Offices / Business.


Human Resource Management:
Our ERP solution offers many different types of sub-modules under the HR module. The HR Management functionality has a number of added capabilities like Talent Management, resource management, performance tracking along with the basic capabilities that include Personnel Management, Personal Development, Payroll Management, Organization Management, Time Management and Employee Management.

Our ERP constitutes of the number of functionalities, mainly, Bill of Material with or without GST, Engineering Change Note, Shop Floor Control, Sales and Distribution Plan, Master Production Schedule, and many more..


Supplier and Purchase Order Management:
Our purchase module is well integrated with the Production Planning and Inventory Control Modules and also the supply chain process for your company or business.

Inventory & Material Management Module:
Our Inventory Control Module involves identifying inventory requirements, setting targets, providing replenishment techniques and options, monitoring item usages, reconciling the inventory balances and reporting inventory status in a company or store.


Our full-fledged CRM module ensures proper management of lead, customer, opportunities and altogether better support to your customer and further growth in your business among the other crm software companies in Hosur.

Easy to use and Easy to Integrate:
Most of the erp companies in Hosur and Bangalore say no to online erp software just because they feel that they have to train their employees to use the software and it's a headache to integrate as well. Contrary to this our ERP's are user-friendly, easy to use and easier to integrate as well. Moving data, adding functionalities or third party integrations had never been so easy before.